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    TK79 Array Laser Shock Wave Bird Repellent

    • TK79 Array Laser Shock Wave Bird Repellent

    The TK79 array laser shock wave bird repellent is powered by mains power, and uses multiple bird repelling technologies such as laser, high decibel speech, ultrasound, shock wave, and strong flash light to comprehensively repel birds.

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    TK79 Array Laser Shock Wave Bird Repellent Overview
    shell material
    Environment temperature
    input voltage
    Design life (year)
    Operating mode
    Automatic sensitivity
    Scope of application
    Agricultural bird repellent
    usage area
    TK79 Array Laser Shock Wave Bird Repellent Details
    1. Automatic operation without manual maintenance;

    2. The automatic light control system identifies the working sleep state of the control equipment;

    3. The combination of photoelectricity and exploding sound has great power to repel birds, and birds have no adaptability;

    4. With low-power, high-performance computer chips as the core, it works stably and reliably.

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