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    TK-ZN5 intelligent comprehensive bird repellent

    • TK-ZN5 intelligent comprehensive bird repellent

    The intelligent comprehensive bird repellent is a comprehensive intelligent bird repellent device manufactured by integrating ultrasonic bird repellent technology, digital simulation of natural enemy sound bird repellent technology (simulating eagle sound source bird repellent, simulating hunting gun sound bird repellent, etc.), electronic impact gun bird repellent technology, and night strobe strong optical bird repellent technology.

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    TK-ZN5 intelligent comprehensive bird repellent Overview
    Battery DC12V/7AH Solar panels 15V/10W
    Radar detection range 60 degrees to 15 meters Sound detection range 360 degrees, 5 meters
    Ultrasonic frequency 10KHZ-35KHZ Ultrasonic intensity 110db
    ultrasonic horn  8 Ultrasonic bird repelling radius 12m
    Voice sound waves 130db Voice bird repelling radius 60m
    Usage environment 45-+55C ambient humidity 0-95% (non condensing)
    service life 5-15 years Strong light repels birds 1000m
    TK-ZN5 intelligent comprehensive bird repellent Details
    1. With low-power and high-performance computer chips as the core, it works stably and reliably;

    2. By combining multiple bird repelling technologies (ultrasonic bird repelling technology, digital simulated natural enemy sound bird repelling technology, electronic impact gun bird repelling technology, and night stroboscopic strong light bird repelling technology), a comprehensive bird repelling effect with multiple stimuli is achieved, and the bird repelling effect is good;

    3. Adopting solar panels and battery power supply to adapt to complex outdoor installation environments;

    4. The bird repelling process is automatically controlled by the program, without the need for manual intervention;

    5. Widely applied, suitable for places such as iron towers, power poles, and railway towers.

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