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    TKJZ01 Electric directional strong sound matrix bird repelling system

    • TKJZ01 Electric directional strong sound matrix bird repelling system

    Birds coexist with humans, and humans have a responsibility to protect them. However, while birds bring help and joy to humans, they also bring many troubles. In places such as industry, electricity, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, and civil aviation, birds often bring us significant economic losses and safety hazards. Therefore, after years of research, our company has developed a multifunctional intelligent comprehensive bird repellent to help solve bird damage problems in power systems, agricultural and fishery producers, and airports.

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    TKJZ01 Electric directional strong sound matrix bird repelling system Overview
    Project name Technical parameter
    Ultrasonic angle 360°
    Ultrasonic frequency 5kHz-25kHz
    Number of ultrasound 4
    Ultrasonic radius 30M—50M
    Ultrasonic intensity >120dB
    Ultrasonic working mode Day, night, all day (default daytime)
    External control Can be opened or closed separately, and can be controlled remotely through the 485 interface
    Working interval Work for 3 minutes, stop for 5 minutes; 1 minute fixed frequency, 2 minutes variable frequency
    Wireless control Can be turned on or off by a separate remote control
    TKJZ01 Electric directional strong sound matrix bird repelling system Details
    The TKJZ01 directional strong sound wave bird repelling system utilizes multiple bird repelling technologies such as laser, high decibel speech, and shock wave for comprehensive bird repelling. This bird repellent product has the following characteristics:

    With low-power and high-performance computer chips as the core, it works stably and reliably.

    By combining multiple bird repelling technologies (laser bird repelling technology, digital simulated natural enemy sound bird repelling technology, shock wave bird repelling technology, etc.), a comprehensive bird repelling approach with multiple stimuli is achieved, resulting in good bird repelling effects;

    Adopting solar energy and 220VAC dual power supply, with an average power of ≤ 40W, the equipment is stable and not affected by weather.

    Reserve 485 communication interface, which can set different working modes and laser timing working time

    Equipped with power outage memory function;

    With remote control function, various functions can be controlled through the remote control switch.

    It has a wide range of applications, suitable for substations, wind power plants, iron towers, power poles, railway towers and other places.

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