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    TK2001 ultrasonic bird repeller

    • TK2001 ultrasonic bird repeller

    TK2001 ultrasonic bird repellent is a bird repellent product specially developed and designed for power and railway departments. It uses solar panels and batteries for power supply, especially suitable for outdoor poles and towers, substations and railway distribution stations that are not convenient to provide power.

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    TK2001 ultrasonic bird repeller Overview
    Power Supply Solar battery
    Ultrasonic pressure 120dB
    Working hours without light 7-10 days
    ambient temperature -40~60℃
    service life 5 years
    Working current <70mA
    Radius of action 20 meters
    weight 5kg
    Specification and size 345X255X190(mm)
    Battery 12V 9AH
    Power Supply Solar battery
    Ultrasonic pressure 120dB
    Working hours without light 7-10 days
    ambient temperature -40~60℃
    TK2001 ultrasonic bird repeller Details
    1. Automatic frequency conversion, no adaptability for birds:

    The ultrasonic transmitter of the bird repelling device can generate high power ultrasound to conduct 360 ° stereo scanning on the substation and railway distribution station, interfere with the nervous system and physiological system of birds, and make them physiological disorder to achieve the ultimate purpose of bird repelling. At the same time, the ultrasonic transmitter adopts two working modes of frequency conversion and fixed frequency to ensure the lasting and effective effect of bird repelling. Within the scope of action, birds have no adaptability.

    2. Low voltage, low power, high efficiency:

    The bird repelling device adopts enhanced single-chip technology, which makes the product low voltage, low power, high efficiency and so on. Therefore, the battery can be fully charged for 8-10 hours, and the battery can be used for 7-10 days without sunlight.

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