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    TK-B06 Wind Power Bird Repellent

    • TK-B06 Wind Power Bird Repellent

    Wind Power Bird Repellent

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    TK-B06 Wind Power Bird Repellent Overview
    Wind Bird Repeller
    TK-B06 Wind Power Bird Repellent Details

    Product Name: Bird Repeller                             Applicable Area:>200 square meters

    Model: TK-B06                                                   Use Area:animal control, plants & garden, farm   

    Power Source: Wind Power                               Specification: Monolithic

    Charger:Not applicable                                       Feature: Sustainable  

    Color: Orange                                                     State: Solid

    Net Weight: 0.56KG                                            Room Space Selection: Outdoor

    Pest Type: All kinds of birds                               Unfold Wings: 8.5 cm

    Height Of Rods: 21.5cm                                     The Diameter Of Rotation: 19cm

    The Diameter Of Lens: 5cm                                The Overall Height: 22.5cm

    Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China                           Texture: ABS plastic phoenix wings, Insulated rod base

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