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    Which bird repellent form is suitable for orchard bird repellent

    Time: 2023-05-15 Source: Bird Repellent Writer: jin
    Our orchard bird repellent is a comprehensive bird repellent device that integrates various technologies such as impact gun technology, bundle strong sound technology, rolling frequency ultrasonic technology, strategic control, electronic voice, etc. It mainly solves the problem of large-scale bird repellent in orchards, fish ponds, etc. It can effectively drive out large spiritual birds such as  magpies, crows, sparrows, swallows and finches in the orchard, and can effectively drive out over 95% of the birds in the orchard.
    orchard bird repellent

    Since when is bird prevention better? Generally, bird prevention and control measures are implemented one to two months before the fruit ripens. 7、 What are some good bird prevention and bird control methods? Nowadays, orchards often use scarecrows, gongs, and other methods. Foreign and some large fruit bases use methods such as sound to drive birds, coal to drive birds, and hanging eye balloons. But it is often used to drive away birds when they pose a significant threat to fruits, and early prevention is not given enough attention, and these methods may require a lot of manpower and resources. Our company has developed a shockwave orchard - a food grade bird repellent, which is a combination of products and can work automatically without the need for manpower. The effect of using a large sleeve area to repel birds is good

    What if the bird has already started pecking at the fruit? If prevention measures are not taken in the early stage, and the bird damage is severe at this time, we can only increase the management efforts and reduce losses, such as increasing the number of evictions, and focusing on the early, middle, and late stages of bird foraging. If you don't have as much manpower, you can use the orchard's food grade bird repellent to increase the playback frequency. The orchard's electric bird repellent uses energy, sound pressure, ultrasonic infrasound waves, electronic impact guns, and the sound of birds' natural enemies to achieve the effect of bird repellent

    Comprehensive measures for bird damage

    On the premise of protecting birds, how much is the cost of an orchard electric bird repellent, and the comprehensive use of sound, visual, physical, chemical and other methods to advance or reduce bird activity is a measure to prevent bird damage in orchards. It is not advisable to wait for the fruits to ripen before expelling birds. Once birds taste delicious fruits, it is difficult to interrupt their habit. At the same time, the method of expelling birds cannot be fixed to prevent them from adapting to the environment.

    Therefore, the shock wave bird repellent can effectively repel birds without harming them, which is currently a popular practice. It is a comprehensive bird repelling device that integrates impact gun technology, bundle strong sound technology, rolling frequency ultrasonic technology, etc. It mainly solves the problem of large-scale bird repelling in orchards. It can effectively drive out large spiritual birds such as  magpies, crows, etc. in the orchard. According to actual measurements, it can effectively drive out over 92% of birds in the orchard, with a small area clearance effect.

    In agricultural production, it is sometimes inevitable to encounter birds to destroy their labor achievements. For example, we often encounter birds pecking at fruits, birds eating fish and shrimp in ponds, and even some large birds eating small poultry. The harm caused by these birds is too much for us agricultural workers to prevent, so how will we prevent these hazards (one is to eat the product directly, and the other can spread some)? Firstly, we need to understand that we cannot intentionally harm any bird, we can only drive them away. Otherwise, if you encounter a rare and precious species that you don't know, you may face some trouble if you are injured. A few years ago, a student dug out a bird's nest and caused an incident that I believe everyone has heard of. Therefore, when bird prevention, you should first protect yourself. Tongkai technology often struggles with birds in the process of fish farming. Agriculture drives away birds helps solve bird damage - and the problem keeps everyone away from bird damage.

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