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    Manufacturer of shock wave bird repeller

    Time: 2023-04-24 Source: Bird Repellent Writer: jin
    Shockwave bird repeller manufacturer, shockwave bird repeller factory; With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the range of bird activity has become increasingly large, causing serious losses to fruit farmers' harvests. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the method of bird prevention and how to determine the severity of bird damage.

    TK84 farm animal pest control cluster ultrasonic repeller shockwave bird repeller

    1. Classification of bird damage areas

    The investigation found that bird infestation in orchards occurs repeatedly in relatively specific areas, mostly concentrated in areas suitable for bird survival, such as river channels, forests, houses, and other bird habitats distributed near the orchard. We have classified the levels of bird damage in response to this situation.

    2. Classification of bird repellent effect levels

    The Tongkai bird repellent has different definitions according to different bird repellent standards.

    The shockwave bird repellent is a comprehensive bird repellent device made by combining subwoofer technology, electronic gun technology, shockgun technology, and bundled strong sound technology. Compared to traditional single threat bird repellent, the bird repellent effect is more obvious and long-lasting, and it is very effective in repelling large spiritual birds that are difficult to repel, such as egrets, pigeons, and anemones.

    The shock wave bird repellent has the following characteristics:

    1) Automatic operation does not require manual maintenance.

    2) The combination of photoelectricity and explosive chirping has great power in repelling birds.

    3) Not adaptable to any bird.

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