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    Is the airport bird repeller useful?

    Time: 2023-04-21 Source: Bird Repellent Writer: jin
    Why do airports need to drive birds?
    Airplanes are engineering miracles that cost millions or even billions of dollars. They can fly to the other side of the world with just one refueling, but their high-tech operations are still susceptible to the influence of the original sky owners: birds.
    The collision between birds and airplanes is referred to as "bird strike" by aviation professionals. According to statistics, there are approximately tens of thousands of bird strikes occurring worldwide every year, and 20% of aircraft crashes and fatalities worldwide are caused by bird strikes. Therefore, the prevention and control of bird strike incidents has also been listed as a world-class challenge.
    In order to minimize unnecessary losses caused by bird strikes, it is generally not allowed to have forests around airports to avoid long-term habitat for bird groups.
    airport bird repeller

    Is the airport bird repeller useful?
    Of course it works! Research has found that each type of bird has its own unique sensitive frequency range in terms of hearing. When the sound pressure level of sound waves is greater than 80dB to 100dB, it strongly stimulates its auditory nerves. If strong sound waves are used to continuously play sounds containing "bird sensitive frequency bands, bird natural enemies, or bird cries," stimulating the bird's auditory nerves, the bird will feel uncomfortable and fly away.
    At present, airport bird repellers are mostly intelligent bird repelling devices, mainly composed of strong sound system arrays, system controller power amplifier units, and other structures. They can play stored high-definition alarm and bird repelling sounds through remote voice playback devices after independently setting working hours. The sound transmission distance can reach up to 1200 meters, and they have characteristics such as high fidelity sound, wide frequency response, low distortion, and stable performance.
    The airport bird repellent uses strong sound wave signals of different frequency types to drive away various birds in a targeted and timed manner. While reducing the physical workload of bird repellers, the goal of long-term bird repelling has been achieved, reducing the gap period for bird repelling, significantly reducing the number of birds active in the flight area, and effectively improving the ability to ensure safe operation.
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