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    What kind of bird repeller is good for orchards?

    Time: 2023-04-19 Source: Bird Repellent Writer: jin
    In recent years, the harm of birds to orchards has been increasing, mainly due to the increasing awareness of environmental protection among the whole population in China, as well as the restrictions on bird hunting and hunting behavior, resulting in a sharp increase in bird species and population numbers; Secondly, the number of pests on fields and trees has been effectively controlled by pesticides, resulting in a decrease in the food source for birds; Thirdly, there are more and more fruits with various flavors, and the planting area is increasing, allowing hungry birds to quickly find fresh food; Fourthly, the current prevention and control methods in many fruit areas are inadequate.

    However, due to some birds pecking at fruits, it not only directly affects the yield and quality of the fruits, but also facilitates the proliferation of bacteria in the wounds of the pecked fruits, causing many normal fruits to become sick; At the same time, birds can also peck at tender buds and trample on grafting branches in spring, so appropriate methods should be taken for prevention and control.
    In the past, many fruit farmers used poisonous birds to protect their fruits. In fact, most of the birds pecking at fruits in orchards were beneficial birds, and many were also protected animals by the state. Birds are friends of humans, and we should not harm them. Moreover, killing birds can easily violate the law.
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