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    Which brand is good of intelligent bird repeller

    Time: 2023-04-17 Source: Bird Repellent Writer: jin
    Which brand is good for intelligent bird repellents? Tongkai Technology's intelligent bird repellent is trustworthy!

    Focusing on the research and development of intelligent bird repellent and anti bird equipment, we provide you with worry free solutions. Our bird repellent products cover various fields such as electricity, aviation, industry, civil use, and agriculture. Our business covers the whole country. We welcome new and old customers to come and negotiate cooperation!

    With the strong promotion of ecological and environmental protection, green and pollution-free by the country, Tongkai Technology's intelligent multifunctional bird repellent is increasingly recognized by the people. This product combines the sounds of hawks, firecrackers, cats, and several types of bird predators to repel birds, which has a good effect on scaring and repelling birds.
    Model TK79 Array shockwave laser bird repellent

    The following is an example of using hawk calls to illustrate: with high simulation of hawk calls, using hawk calls to drive away birds; There is a common saying that goes, "A bird flying high meets an eagle - more ominous than good, indicating that most birds are afraid of an eagle and therefore fear its call. When they hear an eagle's call, they must quickly fly away. Therefore, based on this principle, a highly simulated hawk call was added, which has a good effect on scaring and repelling birds with realistic hawk calls.

    Through high-power sound output, over a dozen electronic high fidelity sounds such as hawk calls, cat calls, dog calls, hunting gun sounds, firecrackers, or the bird's own screams are played, achieving the effect of driving away the birds through sound.

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