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    The Biggest laser bird repeller factory in china

    Time: 2023-04-02 Source: Bird Repellent Writer: jin
    Birds are human friends and important components of the natural ecosystem on which humans rely for their survival. However, birds have also caused serious harm and significant economic losses to aquatic products, orchards, crops, railways, electricity, airports, etc.

    The concept of laser bird repelling originated in the Netherlands. After nearly a decade of development, the level of domestically produced equipment in China has reached the best driving effect. For birds, vision is relatively sensitive. The laser bird repeller is inspired by bionics. Birds view the laser beam directed at them as a dangerous signal, causing them to have a threatening or maladaptive effect. Due to their survival instinct, birds will avoid the beam directed at them and fly away, thereby driving the birds away without harming them.
    Laser bird repeller

    Working principle

    The laser bird repeller is an ultra low power generation system designed and manufactured using an imported microcontroller. The laser light emitted by it stimulates the nervous system of birds, destroying their living environment, and thus staying away from the coverage area. Due to the constantly changing laser frequency and different working mechanisms of the system, birds cannot adapt, ensuring the durability of the bird repelling effect.

    Its characteristics are: 1. No need for labor, no matter day or night, 24-hour uninterrupted work. 2. Birds have no adaptability, especially for large birds. 3. Reliable performance, long service life, and low maintenance. 4. Visualization, remote control.

    The laser bird repeller is a professional manufacturer with Tongkai Technology as the first choice, integrating technology, sales, and service. The price is preferential, and the after-sales service is complete. Welcome to call for consultation

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