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    TKJC5 electronic gun bird repeller

    • TKJC5 electronic gun bird repeller

    Birds coexist with humans, and humans have a responsibility to protect birds. However, birds not only bring help and joy to humans, but also bring a lot of trouble. In places such as industry, electric power, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, and civil aviation, birds often bring us significant economic losses and security risks. After years of research, our company has developed this type of laser shock wave integrated bird repeller to help farmers, livestock and fishery producers and airports solve the above problems.

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    TKJC5 electronic gun bird repeller Overview
    Entry name Technical parameter
    Equipment shell appearance The antirust paint layer is firm and reliable
    Shock wave sound intensity > 130db@1.0m
    Operating Weight 10Kg
    Shock wave lifetime >5 years
    Minimum shock wave interval 30 minutes
    Each bird repelling shock wave 30-60 minutes, about 1 blast
    Relative humidity 10。%~ 90%;
    Protection level IP55
    TKJC5 electronic gun bird repeller Details
    1. With low power consumption and high-performance computer chips as the core, it works stably and reliably.

    2. Using high-power, high-pressure impact gun technology, it can instantly generate strong flash, generate strong sound and strong light dual stimulation for birds, and have a good bird repelling effect.

    3. The bird repelling process is automatically controlled by program, without manual intervention.

    4. The operation is convenient, simple, clear, and easy to learn and use.

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